NFL Clockwatch: week one - as it happened

  • 2019-11-16
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Score update

Result from Sunday Night Football:

New York Giants 31-36 Dallas Cowboys

Score update

Results from the two 4.25pm ET games.

Arizona Cardinals 24-27 St Louis Rams

Green Bay Packers 28-34 San Francisco 49ers

Well, that's it from me

This blog will be updated later today with the final scores from the remaining games, and of course you can carry on commenting below the line. In the meantime, thanks for reading and for all your tweets. Don't forget to check back on Tuesday for our Five Things We Learned blog looking back on the week's games. 

Quick thoughts

Well, that was an eventful first afternoon. For me, the takeaways include:

- Not a single win for the AFC North - a division that was supposed to be among the league's strongest this year.

- The Bills pushed New England hard. Are they improving or are the Pats just slipping. I suspect there's certainly a bit of the latter. coming into this season, and for all that Danny Amendola came up big (10 receptions, 104 yards) I still think tehre is too much unfamiliarity in that receiving corps.

- That said, EJ Manuel looked good on debut for the Bills. Notably better than his rookie Jets counterpart Geno Smith, even though the latter won, too.

- Sean Payton returned, and the Saints beat the Falcons. Then again, they won this game without him last year, too. Both teams looked sharp in some sections, less so at others. The NFC South will remain one of the most intriguing in the league. 

- Terrelle Pryor looks like he was the right choice for Oakland at QB. But I still don't expect the Raiders to win that many games. 

- I was going to finish by saying that we shouldn't seek to draw sweeping conclusions from week one. But this final observation is based now on more than two years of evidence: Blaine Gabbert is never going to be the quarterback that Jacksonville need him to be. 


Fantasy update

Standout Fantasy performers from those early games:

- AJ Green: 162 yards receiving, two touchdowns

- Adrian Peterson: 93 yards rushing, 18 yards receiving, three combined touchdowns

- Reggie Bush: 90 yards rushing, 101 yards receiving, one touchdown (though it should have been more)

- Chiefs defense: Two interceptions, one touchdown and just two points allowed

And that's it for the 1pm games

Here's a full run-down of the final scores:

New England Patriots 23-21 Buffalo Bills

Cincinnati Bengals 21-24 Chicago Bears

Miami Dolphins 23-10 Cleveland Browns

Atlanta Falcons 17-23 New Orleans Saints

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17-18 NY Jets

Tennessee Titans 16-9 Pittsburgh Steelers

Minnesota Vikings 24-34 Detroit Lions

Oakland Raiders 17-21 Indianapolis Colts

Seattle Seahawks 12-7 Carolina Panthers

Kansas City Chiefs 28-2 Jacksonville Jaguars

Jets win! Buccaneers 17-18 Jets

For a moment it looked as though this one might see-saw back again, the Buccaneers pitching the ball into the hands of running back Doug Martin, who thundered down the sideline to near the New York 30-yard line, but he was eventually dragged down from behind. Unbelievably, improbably, the Jets have won this game.

Field goal! Buccaneers 17-18 Jets.

Nick Folk crushes his kick from 48 yards, and the Jets are back in front with two seconds remaining!


Just when this game should have been over, Lavonte David hits Geno Smith late out of bounds, and that personal foul will take the Jets down to the Tampa Bay 30-yard line. Stupid, stupid play by the defender, and suddenly the Jets have a very real chance to win this game!

Field goal! Buccaneers 17-15 Jets

Rian Lindell nails his field goal from 37 yards. The Jets have 34 seconds and not time-outs with which to respond.

Patriots win!

The game in Buffalo ends with the now customary desperate pitching of a ball back and forwards between receivers, before someone drops it and the game ends.

Final score: Patriots 23-21 Bills.

Field goal! Patriots 23-21 Bills

With five seconds left on the clock, Buffalo will get the ball back, but they won't have much time to do anything with it.

The Buccaneers, too, are closing in ...

... on a potential game-winning field goal attempt. With 1min 4sec, and one time-out, remaining, they are down to the New York 26. For now, the Jets still lead 15-14.

Looking very much like New England will get the win after all ...

Shane Vereen comes up with a huge play on first-and-10 from the Buffalo 29, surging forwards for a first down with defenders hanging off his back. Less than a minute left in this game now; the Bills lead by one but have just one time-out left and know that the Pats are well within field goal range.

Picture of the day

My eyes. 

Jeff Rosen (@jeff_rosen88)

Surprised this doesn't happen more often. Thankful, too. RT The really let it all hang out today...

Detroit lead Minnesota, 34-24

About 6min 30sec left in the game. The only scoring of the fourth quarter so far was a one-yard flip from Stafford to Joseph Fauria. Reggie Bush Fantasy owners are having a pretty good day, but this was yet another situtation where he came up a yard short of the score on the previous play.

The Jets lead in New York.

It's been a mixed day for rookie quarterback Geno Smith, but his team lead 15-14 with just a couple of minutes left to play. Nick Folk's 30-yard field goal has been the only scoring of the half.

The Patriots ...

... are still trailing in Buffalo, though only by a single point after Gostkowski's 33-yard field goal. Barely three minutes remaining, Pats in possession near halfway.

Final scores

These games are now officially in the books:

Bengals 21-24 Bears

Falcons 17-23 Saints

Titans 16-9 Steelers

Interception in New Orleans!

And so, it would appear, is the Falcons' shoot-out with the Saints. On fourth-and-goal at the three, Matt Ryan's pass intended for Tony Gonzalez is picked off. The Saints lead 23-17 with 43 seconds remaining. 

Titans recover the onside kick.

The Steelers have no time-outs left, so barring something very strange, this one's over.

TOUCHDOWN! Steelers 9-16 Titans

Could there be life in this game yet? With about 90 seconds left, Pittsburgh's offense finally puts some points on the board - as Ben Roethlisberger delivers a short pass to Cotchery in the end zone. Onside kick coming up ...



Ross Tucker (@RossTuckerNFL)

Very important that we all make rash generalizations of which teams/players are good/bad based solely on today

Colts and Seahawks win.

Our first final scores of the day. Both of these ended with the winning team's quarterback kneeling on the ball.

Raiders 17-21 Colts

Seahawks 12-7 Panthers

Big interception!

The looked like they might be about to score a huge upset in indianapolis, Terrelle Pryor leading his team down to the Indy 25 with 30 seconds remaining. But he is picked off by Antoine Bethea, and the Colts should now be able to run out the clock and secure a 21-17 win.

TOUCHDOWN! Dolphins 19-10 Browns

Apologies, I seem to have missed a couple of field goals here, but Miami appear to be on course for a victory in Cleveland after Daniel Thomas chugs into the end zone from a yard out.

Field goal in New Orleans

With three-and-a-half minutes, it's Falcons 17-23 Saints. Moments ago, Garrett Hartley converted a short kick to extend New Orleans's advantage. On fourth-and-two at the Atlanta four, Sean Payton initially called for his team to go for it, but changed his mind after a time-out.

Time running down in Pittsburgh ...

Where the Titans lead the Steelers, 13-2. Pittsburgh lost Pro Bowl center Maurkice Pouncey early, but that would still be quite some upset to start the season. 

TOUCHDOWN! Bengals 21-24 Bears

Still about half of the fourth quarter left to go in Chicago, but for now the Bears have turned this one around. Jay Cutler connects with Brandon Marshall on a 19-yard score.

Wait, this is a better Brady stat.


ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo)

Tom Brady's fumble on 4th-and-goal from the 1 was his first rush that didn't get a 1st down on 3rd-and-1 or 4th-and-1 since 2005

Another Tom Brady landmark

The Bills still lead the Patriots, 21-17, but new England are knocking on the door. And Tom Brady has reached yet another career landmark.

New England Patriots (@Patriots)

Tom Brady just became only the 9th player in history to eclipse 45,000 passing yards.

TOUCHDOWN! Raiders 17-21 Colts

Andrew Luck might not run like Russell Wilson or Robert Griffin III, but he's a lot more mobile than most people give him credit for. he wheels around the left end of his line here to restore Indinapolis's lead on a 19-yard jaunt. The Colts are back on top with just over five minutes left in the fourth.

PICK SIX! Chiefs 28-2 Jaguars.

Tamba Hali jumps between Blaine Gabbert and his intended receiver on a quick hitch, and takes the ball back to the house from all of about nine yards. This game is pretty much over. Are the Chiefs back, or are the Jaguars just that bad? I'm going for 'probably a bit of both'. 

TOUCHDOWN! Vikings 24-27 Lions

A third touchdown of the day for Adrian Peterson, this one through the air, as Christian Ponder flips the ball to his running back from four yards out.

TOUCHDOWN! Seahawks 12-7 Panthers

Oh ... that was pretty. It's been tough going for Russell Wilson and the Seahawks so far in Carolina, but the quarterback reminds us of his quality with a gorgeous 43-yard throw to Jermaine Kearse, floated out to a spot where only his receiver could get it. Seattle go for two, but the shotgun snap is low and Wilson is unable to steady himself well enough to find his man in the back of the end zone. 

TOUCHDOWN! Vikings 17-27 Lions

It's all turned around at Ford Field, where Reggie Bush just took a short pass from Matthew Stafford and scampered away for a 77-yard score. What a difference he could make to this offense. It's been a while since Detroit had a legitimate home-run threat in their backfield.

TOUCHDOWN! Raiders 17-14 Colts

And now the Raiders are in front. Terrelle Pryor has certainly been fun to watch on this drive - holding onto the ball far too long on some plays but somehow evading defenders long enough to keep moving the chains. On third-and-goal from the five, he slings a dart to Moore for the touchdown. 

Big turnover in Buffalo

On fourth-and-goal at the Buffalo one-yard line, Tom Brady coughs up a fumble, and the Bills recover. They continue to lead the Patriots, 21-17, with just over four minutes remaining in the third quarter.

Not a Touchdown!

The Oakland Raiders thought they had taken the lead in Indianapolis, with officials initially signalling for the touchdown after Terrelle Pryor hit running back Darren McFadden for a 30-yard touchdown. But that call was overturned on review. The Raiders are showing some fight, though - a fact which will be making a number of players (yours truly included) in our Survival Pool competition decidedly nervous. 

A depressing statistic ...

... for fans.

Henry Hodgson (@nflukhank)

Ryan Tannehill leading the Dolphins with three yards rushing on three carries. Lamar Miller has two yards form his five.


Matt Forte piles in from a yard out for Chicago: Bengals 21-17 Bears

Drew Brees hits tight end Jimmy Graham from seven yards. Falcons 17-20 Saints.

TOUCHDOWN! Vikings 14-20 Lions

Joique Bell jogs untouched into the end zone for Detroit on second-and-goal. Reggie Bush appeared to have scored on the previous play, only for replays to show his knee was down at the one. It mattered not to the Lions, who scored anyway, but one or two Fantasy owners will be cursing their luck at this second.

Trouble in Pittsburgh?

Not an impressive start thus far from the Steelers, who trail 10-2 at home to Tennessee late in the third quarter, following a short Rob Bironas field goal.

TOUCHDOWN! Patriots 17-20 Bills

Don't look now, but the Patriots are losing in Buffalo. The Bills' rookie quarterback EJ Manuel, who threw his first professional touchdown pass just before half-time, adds another right after the break, connecting with Stevie Johnson on an 18-yard score. 

Right now, Manuel is outperforming Tom Brady. Here are their respective stat lines:

- Brady: 13/25 passes completed, 122 yards, 2 TDs, 1 interception

- Manuel: 12/17 passes completed, 107 yards, 2TDs, 0 interceptions

Eagle-eyed officiating

For the second time today, Detroit's Calvin Johnson has a touchdown snatched away - correctly - by the officials. The receiver seemed to have done a great job going up over the Vikings' defense to snare a pass from Matt Stafford, but his second foot came down out of bounds.

Ridiculous play alert!

Play of the week so far belongs to Troy Polamalu, timing a blitz to perfection to sack Jake Locker within what felt like a fraction of a second of the quarterback taking the sack. The line hadn't even had time to move. 

TOUCHDOWN! Bengals 21-10 Bears

A highly impressive drive to start the second-half for Cincinnati, who chew seven minutes off the clock before Benjarvus Green-Ellis ploughs into the end zone for the score. 


TOUCHDOWN! Falcons 17-13 Saints

Atlanta start the second half much as they did the first, racing straight down the field for a score. Steven Jackson did the legwork, blasting through defenders for a 50-yard gain, before Ryan found receiver Julio Jones in the end zone from four yards out.

From our comments section ..

Enjoyed :

Christian. Effin. Ponder.

When I let my mind wander I imagine Ponder stuck inside the spinning disc prison thingy from Superman II, spending eternity drifting through outer space.


Fantasy update

A few players having a big day:

- AJ Green: five receptions, 129 yards, two touchdowns

- Julian Edelman: five receptions, just 31 yards, but also two touchdowns

- Adrian Peterson: 70 yards rushing, two touchdowns. Given that his first run was for 78 yards and a score, though, he's actually going backwards.

- Andrew Luck: 11/14 passes completed, 114 yards, two TDs, no picks

A few players not having good days

- Brandon Weeden - 12/12 passes completed, one TD, two picks.

- Christian Ponder - 6/9 passes completed, for 109 yards, two interceptions.

Of course, if you actually drafted either of the latter two, then you were probably drunk at the time. 


Around the league

Every game is now either at the half, or just into the third quarter. Here are the latest scores: 

17-14 Buffalo Bills

14-10 Chicago Bears

Miami Dolphins 6-7

Atlanta Falcons 10-13

14-12 NY Jets

Tennessee Titans 7-2

14-13 Detroit Lions

Oakland Raiders 7-14

Seattle Seahawks 3-7

Kansas City Chiefs 21-2

And another!

Another rookie quarterback gets off the mark, EJ Manuel capitalising on a Patriots turnover to hook up with Robert Woods on an 18-yard score.

More Touchdowns!

It's not yet half-time in New York or Detroit, where the home teams have each just scored touchdowns.

Joique Bell dived over the line to make it Vikings 14-13 Lions, while Geno Smith recorded the first touchdown pass of his career for New York, hitting Jeremy Kerley to make it Buccaneers 14-12 Jets.

TOUCHDOWN! Dolphins 6-7 Browns

Credit to Brandon Weeden, he has thrown three interceptions already today, but he keeps on plugging away and now finds Jordan Cameron in the end zone to give Cleveland the lead. It does not speak well to Miami's prospects this season that they have turned the ball over three times and still had just six points to show for it. 

TOUCHDOWN! Patriots 17-7 Bills

Yeah, expect Edelman to be a hot waiver pick-up in Fantasy leagues this Monday. Once again Brady looks his way in the end zone, and once again the receiver reels his pass in. 

Woah. 58-yard field goal.

That's some going from Chicago's Robbie Gould. Bengals 14-10 Bears.

Danny Amendola is hurt.

Plus ca change. 

Last few minutes ...

... of the first half now. Several games are already at the break. Will have a round-up of the scores shortly. In the meantime, I don't think that I have yet told you that the Saints added another field goal, and lead Atlanta 13-10. That's 13 unanswered points for the home team. 

Missed field goal!

Sebastian Janikowski pulls a kick wide left from 48 yards, instantly infuriating the many Fantasy owners who used an unreasonably high pick to select him. Seems as good a time as any to use this tweet I was sent a little while earlier. 

Beau (@beaudotgiles)

I was at Oakland Coliseum this week and can confirm that the Raiders still have their “Commitment to Excellence” signs posted


And another! Buccaneers 14-5 Jets

Doug Martin does his thing, navigating Tampa Bay into the end zone from five yards out. 

TOUCHDOWNS! Lots of them!

In Chicago, Andy Dalton hits AJ Green for the receiver's second touchdown of the day. Bengals 14-7 Bears

In Jacksonville, Jamaal Charles increases Kansas City's lead on a short run. Chiefs 21-2 Jaguars 

In New England, Da'Norris Searcy returns a Stevan Ridley fumble 74 yards for a score. Patriots 10-7 Bills

All Day

Below the line, commenter :

The Wish HAS to be for AP to break the single season rushing record, finally closing out OJ's "search for the real killers".

Fantasy update

My earlier compliments for the Browns are beginning to look a little silly. A third interception of the day for the Dolphins, and a second for Miami's Dimitri Patterson, diving to make the play on a tipped pass.

TOUCHDOWN! Seahawks 3-7 Panthers

Cam Newton puts his team on top at home to Seattle with a three-yard pass to Steve Smith. Who else?

Fantasy alert

Charles 'Peanut' Tillman just recorded his second interception of the day in Chicago. That Bears defense is going to be worth a lot of points to owners again this year.

TOUCHDOWN! Raiders 7-14 Colts

Darren McFadden bulldozes into the end zone from one yard out to bring Oakland back into the game in Indianapolis.

TOUCHDOWN! Falcons 10-10 Saints

Oh, that was pretty.Taking advantage of a Julio Jones fumble just a few plays earlier, Drew Brees floats a beautiful touch pass into the arms of a diving Marques Colston to tie up the scores in New Orleans. 

TOUCHDOWN! Vikings 14-6 Lions

And there you have it - just a few short moments later, Adrian Peterson slips into the end zone for his second score of the day. The Lions are fully punished for a needless act of aggression by Suh. 

New year, same old Lions

A Detroit Pick Six is wiped out after a personal foul by Ndamukong Suh. Moments later, Matthew Stafford is intercepted, giving the ball back to Minnesota. The Lions killed themselves with penalties last year, so this is an inauspicious start. This team's lack of discipline is a massive Achilles heel. 

Scoreline change

I referred to the Steelers being 4-0 up against the Titans earlier. Given that it's now 2-0, the second of those safeties against Tennessee must have been wiped off. Afraid I didn't see it, so I can't tell you more than that!

Around the league

Most of these games are either just into the second quarter, or into the final seconds of the first. Here's a quick sweep around the league. 

New England Patriots 10-0

Cincinnati Bengals 7-7

Miami Dolphins 6-0 Cleveland Browns

10-3 New Orleans Saints

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-2 NY Jets

0-2 Pittsburgh Steelers

Minnesota Vikings 7-6

Oakland Raiders 0-14 Indianapolis Colts

3-0 Carolina Panthers

14-2 Jacksonville Jaguars

More Mars

A thought from reader Paul Holland

Paul Holland (@paulholland66)

I'm guessing Bruno was the only act they could persuade to peform in night time open air gig in sub zero temperatures?

This was actually the first question they asked him on Fox. Bruno seemed unfazed. The prospect of millions of dollars and unequaled publicity will do that to you.

TOUCHDOWN! Raiders 0-14 Colts

Sophomore slump for Andrew Luck? Not so far (though he is only playing the Raiders). The quarterback hits Dwayne Allen over the middle, and his tight end barrels through a tackle and into the end zone. Meantime, we've had two more field goals. It's now Vikings 7-6 Lions, and Dolphins 6-0 Browns.

TOUCHDOWN! Chiefs 14-2 Jaguars

Yup. Another touchdown pass from Alex Smith - this time to Junior Hemmingway. The Chiefs are another interesting team - again tabbed as dark horses last year, only to disappoint. With Smith under center and Andy Reid calling the plays, I have high hopes.

Blaine Gabbert

Continues to look nothing like an NFL quarterback. Still the first quarter, and he has now added an interception to his earlier fumble. The Chiefs, with a short field, should now expect to extend their 7-2 lead.

TOUCHDOWN! Bengals 7-7 Bears

What else could it be, but Andy Dalton to AJ Green? There are those who would call the latter man the best receiver in the league. For me, that title still belongs to Megatron, though poor Larry Fitzgerald is also undervalued, on account of the consistently awful quarterback play in Arizona.

NFL wish lists

Still coming in, these. Which is grand. 

David Hayter (@daveportivo)

for Mike McCarthy to be more adventurous, he's deceptively passive and, of course, for the Raiders to go winless.

Curious decision-making in New Orleans

The Falcons are closing in on a two-score lead against the Saints, who turned the ball over on their first series after a failed fourth-and-inches attempt. But on second-and-goal at the six, Atlanta turn not to their newly acquired running back Steven Jackson - a man who has built his career on the ability to break tackles and knock back defenders - but instead put the ball in the hands of the light-footed Jacquizz Rodgers. He is stuffed for no gain on a run up the middle. One missed pass later, the Falcons have to settle for three. Falcons 10-0 Saints. 

And there's one more.

Patriots 10-0 Bills.

A pair of field goals ...

Miami lead Cleveland, 3-0, while Detroit had to settle for three after Calvin Johnson's touchdown reception was chalked off on review. They trail Minnesota, 7-3.

We're not even half way through the first quarter ...

And already we've had four safeties across the league. What is happening? So many scores has made it hard to keep up with emails and Tweets, but this is a valid point by the Guardian's editor Steve Busfield:

Steve Busfield (@Busfield)

SuperBowl half-time show isn't for NFL fans - it's for those who only watch 1 game a year. Bruno popular with some age groups

TOUCHDOWN! Chiefs 7-2 Jaguars

Alex Smith opens his account for Kansas City, hooking up Donnie Avery on a short pass. 

ANOTHER SAFETY! Titans 0-4 Steelers

Seriously, Tennessee? When have we ever seen this scoreline. Ever?

Scratch off that Detroit touchdown: Still Vikings 7-0 Lions

Replay officials say that Calvin Johnson did not have control of the ball as he went to ground in the end zone. Looking at the footage, I think they're probably right - it came loose right at the end of the play. 

TOUCHDOWN! Raiders 0-7 Colts

Looks like we'll be seeing some more of the Andrew Luck to Reggie Wayne connection this year, then. 

TOUCHDOWN! Bengals 0-7 Bears

So. Many. Touchdowns. This one from Jay Cutler to Martellus Bennett - upheld by video replay.

TOUCHDOWN! Vikings 7-7 Lions

Matthew Stafford to Calvin Johnson. The duel between the NFL's best wide receiver and best running back is officially on in Detroit.

TOUCHDOWN! Falcons 7-0 Saints

Tony Gonzalez. Back out of retirement. Back catching touchdown passes from Matt Ryan. Could it ever have been any different?

TOUCHDOWN! Patriots 7-0 Bills

Tom Brady finds Julian Edelman in the back of the end zone. Fantasy owners will be watching this relationship closely. The quarterback has lost four of his top five receiving targets since the end of last season, and the other one - Rob Gronkowski - is injured. If Edelman can finally become the Wes Welker clone that Patriots fans hoped he would, he could become a very valuable Fantasy asset indeed.

And breathe?

A fast start to the first NFL Sunday of the season. Would you expect any different? Here's another NFL wishlist:

Christopher Goodman (@avfcgoodie)

Browns to be competitive and challenge for a wild card spot

Not as improbable as it once sounded, Christopher. Much like the St Louis Rams, though, I fear that Cleveland are an improving team doomed by the quality of their division.

Safety! Chiefs 0-2 Jaguars

Well this is already turning out to be quite the day of special teams disasters. The Jaguars get on the board against Kansas City with a blocked punt that span out the back of the Chiefs' end zone.

TOUCHDOWN! Minnesota Vikings 7-0 Detroit Lions

Didn't take long for Minnesota to punish that mistake. On the first play of the Vikings' possession, Adrian Peterson goes straight up the gut for 78 yards and a score. Could this be the first act of another 2,000 yard year?

Muffed field goal attempt!

Detroit's opening drive against Minnesota ends with the Lions blowing their shot at a field goal after the holder lost control of the snap. New year, same old Lions? 

Steelers 2-0 Titans

Oh dear. The first points of the day arrive on a safety ... from a kickoff. Titans return man Darius Reynaud had his front foot outside the end zone when he fielded the kick, meaning that his attempt to kneel down and take a touchback was instead ruled as a safety. An inauspicious start.

It begins ...

In Chicago, Martellus Bennett drops a pass from Jay Cutler. The first Sunday of the 2013 season has officially begun. Your 2013 season wishlists are flooding in.

EnglishNick (@PlymouthNick)

Eli vs Peyton Superbowl please.

That would be a lot of fun (not least for the fact that Peyton, the better player, would be desperate to match his brother's collection of Super Bowl rings). But after the Harbowl last year, do we really need another fortnight of childhood anecdotes and parental intervention?

Nearly time ...

National anthem singers taking to the field at NFL stadiums up and down the country. Let's hope they do a better job than this one.

Join the conversation

A question for you lot, then, as we prepare to get underway. What is on your NFL wishlist for 2013? What are you hoping to see from your team this year, or which player do you think might be ready to break out? Let us know in the comments section below, or on the email and Twitter addresses listed above. 

Bruno Mars

I'm seeing a range of different reactions to the selection of Bruno Mars for Super Bowl XLVIII's half-time show, but I'd say more positive than negative. 

Brad Jenkins (@braudra)

I can see that choice. He'll do a great job.

Ten minutes to kickoff

This is your last chance to . (Picks posted on this blog will not be counted, by the way. They must be on the Talkboard itself).

So, what do we have to look forward to today

Oh, so many intriguing storylines to follow in today's early games. Chief among them, for me:

- How will the New Orleans Saints fare in head coach Sean Payton's first game back after a season-long suspension? They're up against the Atlanta Falcons, their division rivals and a team who posted the joint-best regular season record in the league last year. But the Saints are at home, and despite going 7-9 without Payton, did still win the corresponding game last year.

- Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck back in action for the Seattle Seahawks and Indianapolis Colts respectively. Both quarterbacks had tremendous rookie seasons. Can they avoid a sophomore slump?

- 迈阿密在克利夫兰的道路上。 海豚队在自由球员和重新签约自己的球员之后接受了超过2亿美元的新合同后,已经有了一些严肃的炒作。 我不相信,并怀疑他们可能会失去一个qui